Personalized Back to School Gifts for Kids

10 Best Personalized Back to School Products for 2023

The back to school season is a time when parents are busy preparing their children for a new school year. It can also be a stressful time, as children adjust to new teachers, classmates and routines. At Amazing Faith Designs, I want to make the back to school season a little bit easier for you.

I have put together a list of my ten favorite back to school products from my back to school collection  that will help your child succeed this year. My top picks include a personalized bento box with special compartments for keeping the food separated, a personalized water bottle that’s BPA free and made of biodegradable tritan, and bluetooth wireless headphones that will allow your child to study in peace. My son wore his headphones on the school bus every morning. Come check out our selection of back to school products today!

1. Personalized Lunch Box - 12 Designs

Personalized Lunch Box Collection - Amazing Faith DesignsPersonalized Lunch Box Collection 2 - Amazing Faith Designs

The Amazing Faith Designs/Personalized Lunch Box is perfect for kids who want to go to school in style! This lunch box has a fun design on one side (Choose from 12 fun designs,) and is lightweight and durable enough to withstand daily activities. The main compartment is insulated and has plenty of space for food, napkins, and utensils. And the versatile design means it can also be used as a snack bag or cooler. So make sure your kids are armed with the best lunch box around - the Amazing Faith Designs/Personalized Lunch Box!


2. Personalized Pencil Cases - 12 Designs

Personalized Pencil Cases - Amazing Faith Designs

Made to match our lunch boxes, these pencil cases come in 12 fun designs and are personalized with your child’s name. They won’t wonder where their pencils and erasers went any longer with this cute case in their desk. Our pencil case measures 8.35” x 6” and you choose a non-woven white or black laminate inside with a white or black zipper to go with your design. Beautiful bright colors to make your child smile! Our personal favorite right now is the soccer pencil case!


3. Personalized Water Bottles - 6 Designs

Give your child the coolest water bottle in school!

Personalized Water Bottles - Amazing Faith Designs

How about the best personalized water bottle with your child's or grandchild's name and grade on it! Our tritan water bottles are made of biodegradable material, have a Grey spill-resistant lid and clear mouthpiece, and are personalized to perfection. Choose from our adorable Dinosaur, Princess, Superhero, School Letters, Daisy and Pirate Designs!


4. Beebop Bluetooth Headphones - Personalized

Beebop Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Personalized - Amazing Faith Designs

It’s time to bop to the beat of your own drum (or ukulele, or’s all good). Experience the full-range audio spectrum with outside noise reduction on the Beebop Bluetooth headphones. They have a built-in microphone for integrated call handling and text notifications, essential for rocking out—but not missing out. Great for kids on school buses and in study hall to block out all of the distractions. Personalize ours with your child's name.


5. Kids Personalized Bento Box

Personalized Kids Bento Box - Amazing Faith Designs

A personalized bento box is a great way to make your child feel special and ready for the new school year. It also helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle by packing their lunch with nutritious food. These bento boxes have two compartments to separate food, a foldable spoon and are microwave safe. Choose from 5 different lettering designs: Back to School, Dinosaur, Pirate, Superhero and Princess.

Personalized Bento Boxes - Amazing Faith Designs


6. Back to School Name and Grade T-shirts

Amazing Faith Designs has a fun variety of the best back to school personalized t-shirts from Pre-school through 5th Grade! Choose from a Cool Dude design with sunglasses, Unicorn, Rainbow, School Pencil Design, and Dinosaur! All of our t-shirts are made of super soft cotton and are perfect for the first day of school pictures.

Personalized Back to School T-shirts for Kids - amazing faith designs


7. Sticker Decal Sheet (Name, Initial, Monogram) Personalized

Get ready for back to school and label all your supplies with your name or monogram. You pick from 23 colors on the color chart and you will receive 12 glossy decal stickers total. These are made from Permanent Vinyl good for use inside and outdoors. 

Sticker Decal Sheets, Back to School Name Stickers - Amazing Faith Designs

  • 5 first name
  • 4 first and last name
  • 3 initial decals shown in the same fonts/designs as pictured.

Great for folders, pencil boxes, laptops, lockers, water bottles or any other item you need to add your name to for school. Instructions included for professional application to water bottles!

8. Hello Preschool Toddler Dress

Hello Preschool Toddler Dress - Amazing Faith Designs

Do you have a child just starting preschool? Send them off for their first day in style in this adorable white Hello Preschool dress. This dress is made of super soft and comfortable 100% cotton and is perfect for your first day pictures. Personalized on the pencil with your child’s name too! If you love this dress, check out our other toddler dresses!

Toddler Dress Collection - Amazing Faith Designs


9. Personalized Outdoor Drawstring Bag

Kids Drawstring Sports Bag - Amazing Faith Designs

Is your child in sports? These drawstring bags are perfect to bring their shoes, water bottle and other accessories with them to practice before or after school. This 14” x 13” roomy bag has bright prints for basketball, soccer, baseball, football, volleyball and ballet with personalization added for no extra charge. Your child will look forward to going to practice with their new drawstring bag.

10. Gift Card for Teacher

At the beginning of the new school year nothing is more important than showing your support for your child’s teacher. They will work tirelessly every day to watch over your child, nurture them, encourage them, sometimes care for them, discipline them (Thank them a lot for this one!), and give your child the wonderful gift of knowledge. Take 10 minutes out of your week before your child goes to school and get them a gift card…Starbucks, Target, Amazon, wherever…it really doesn’t matter. It shows them you care and you recognize the great gift they are to your child! Sometimes the little things really do make a difference.


I hope you’ve found this post helpful as you prepare for the upcoming school year. Be sure to check out my back to school collection at Amazing Faith Designs, where I have everything your child needs for a successful year. As always, thank you for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends!




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