The Art of Letter Writing

The Art of Letter Writing

The art of letter was a task my mother did every single Sunday afternoon. She sat at the kitchen table with her collection of cards that she bought from everywhere. When she saw some cards she liked at a store she bought them whether or not she needed them at that moment.

So she would bring out her collection of various cards...thank you cards...sympathy cards...birthday cards...thinking of you cards...and just lovely images on the front with a blank interior so she could fill it full of her "happenings" that week.

I watched her write her cards week after week to her parents, her in-laws, her cousin, her friends, and as each of us left to go to college, my brothers and I also became the lucky recipients of her newsy notes.

It didn't matter if there was anything important going on...she still managed to fill those cards with a perfect mix of the daily inconsequentials and the important moments from her family's life--not just her own--she was quick to share the proud mama moments too.

Those weren't the only cards she wrote. She never missed writing a thank you card and she made sure her children NEVER missed writing them either! Those were some interesting conversations that a child never won..."can't I do it later, Mom?"

Christmas Monogram Note Cards

I didn't intend to include cards in my collections at Amazing Faith Designs. But recently at the passing of my father, I found myself going through LOTS of photo albums and rummaging through boxes and boxes of a lifetime of treasures. I found cards my mother had written and was instantly back in my childhood kitchen watching my mother pour hot tea from her tea pot with its crocheted yellow cozy around the spout. Smelling the orange spice of her Constant Comment tea bags. And hearing the scratch of her pen across beautiful stationary and seeing her distinctive slanted handwriting that sadly many of the children today can't read because, of course, it was cursive.

A handwritten note contains the time and thoughts of the sender in a tactile way that an email or text just cannot convey. You somehow see the stories come to life through the script and you feel indescribably closer to the person who wrote it.

Perhaps you might take the time to write a handwritten note to a friend, your spouse, a child, or even your mom. Neither of you will regret it.



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