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Acrylic Baby Milestone Discs | Set of 13 Personalized Discs

Acrylic Baby Milestone Discs | Set of 13 Personalized Discs

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These acrylic baby milestone disks are a perfect gift for your new baby's arrival! They are the perfect photo prop for all the monthly pictures of your baby! You can choose from a variety of colors to customize the lettering and background.

Set includes 13 discs. One for each month starting at 1 month and ending at 1 year. Customizable “Hello World” or “Baby Name” for first disc. If not indicated in personalization’s when ordering, will default to “Hello World”. Please feel free to message me with any questions or customized requests.

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• Handmade
• High-quality Acrylic
• High-quality Vinyl
• High-quality Acrylic Paint
• 4 inch Acrylic Disks
• Set of 13 Milestone Markers

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*Please note, if choosing to have customized name on first disk- please type exactly how you would like it to read. For instance, if you want all capital letters please type JACK. If you would like all lower case please type jack. If you would like the first letter capitalized, please type Jack. If you like the mixed font pictured in the sample photos, please indicate - LIKE SAMPLE. Thank you!


in personalization box please write:
1. Color choice of discs (baby blue, baby pink, sage green-see picture)
2. "Hello World" OR "Baby Name" for first disc. Please type name exactly as you would like it to appear. Sample has Full name, you can choose to have First name only, First and Middle or First Middle Last. 

Acrylic discs should be lightly wiped with a damp cloth, never submerged or placed in dishwasher.

Milestone discs are not meant to be a toy. Please remember to never leave your child unsupervised with this product and only use as photo prop.

Please allow 3 business days for me to complete and prepare your order for shipment.
Returns and exchanges are not accepted unless there was a problem with the product.


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